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CWC Newsletter #23 (April 20, 2020)

By Taylor Ryker, Analyst

Top 10 Headlines of the Week for EOSIO

This past week in the EOSIO ecosystem saw some great developments and recognition from the cryptocurrency community.

Below are the top 10 headlines of the week for EOSIO:

(1) Chinese Public Blockchain Index Ranks EOS as #1 in the World

(2) EOS Rapid releases URL Shorteners and RapidSnaps

(3) Telos announces partnership with Transform Group, a Public Relations Firm

(4) Chintai launches DAPP Token Leasing Marketplace

(5) China's Blockchain Service Network (BSN) launches and with support for EOS

(6) Greymass announces 1.0.0 release of Anchor Wallet

(7) EOSIO sisterchain Open Rights Exchange blockchain website is live

(8) dfuse is now available for developers and MYKEY partnership

(9) Upcoming EOSIO Blockchain Webinar Series from and EOSIO Swiss

(10) Implementing Efficient Dividend Tokens

1. Chinese Public Blockchain Index Ranks EOS as #1 in the World

The Blockchain Research Institute headed by China's Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) released its 17th Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. The CCID ranked the top cryptocurrencies based on three categories--basic-tech, applicability, and creativity. In total, EOS was ranked the top cryptocurrency.

Even with these rankings, there were community users and news outlets that attempted to downplay EOS. One community member declared that even though EOS is in the top spot, the price of EOS declines. In response, another community member named Dallas Johnson stated that "perhaps this market doesn't care 'yet' but that's more because the market is calibrated to ride pumps and dumps rather than find fundamental value and that's because so few projects are delivering actual utility" unlike the EOS mainnet.

Although EOS remained in the #1 spot, mainstream cryptocurrency news outlet Cointelegraph attempted to play down EOS while trumpeting Bitcoin even though it was ranked as #14. Comments on Cointelegraph's twitter post sought to see past their Bitcoin-fanaticism.

2. EOS Rapid releases URL Shorteners and Rapid Snaps

EOS Rapid posed a question and a remedy: "What happens when your favorite shortener's parent company changes owners or gets hacked? Those links you just posted could redirect to scams or something worse. That [is] why we built It's a url shortener secured by [the EOS] blockchain."

This is a welcome addition to the EOS mainnet due to the increase instances of scammers who are lulling EOS token holders to claim fraudulent coins by posing as legitimate ones. For example, scammers have posed as Voice and HireVibes by re-routing EOS token holders to websites that attempt to change their private keys and claim custody of their wallets. EOS Rapid's URL shorteners will provide a safer environment within the EOSIO ecosystem.

To obtain a custom address, one would only need to send 1 EOS to the address (urlurlurl) and format your memo as follows: take a look at their directions. EOS Rapid provides a great user experience by taking care of the RAM and CPU for the user.

In addition, EOS Rapid released code to the EOS community that allows developers a twice daily-updated EOS snapshots called RapidSnaps. A snapshot is a documentation of the entire EOS mainnet in terms of wallets, balances, and transactions so that developers have a back-up to the EOS mainnet and the ability to provide airdrops to all wallet holders.

3. Telos announces partnership with Transform Group, a Public Relations Firm

One of the biggest obstacles in the blockchain space is gaining enough visibility in the larger community. Telos, an EOSIO sisterchain of the EOS mainnet, is known within the EOSIO ecosystem as the EOSIO blockchain that has solved the governance issue with their deployment of Telos Decide. Although many decentralized applications have migrated to Telos, the Telos blockchain is still not that well known within the larger cryptocurrency space.

With the partnership with Transform Group, Telos is looking towards becoming a more prominent blockchain not only within the EOSIO community but the crypto-verse. Transform Group is a reputable public relations firm that has assisted hundreds of organizations, projects, and ICOs since 2013. The Transform Group has "helped launch more than 100 initial coin offerings comprising over 37 percent of the global crypto market's total capitalization, including Tether, Ethereum, and Dash." Hopefully with this partnership, Telos will have a better marketing approach and more visibility that will lead to more development and growth.

4. Chintai launches DAPP Token Leasing Marketplace

Chintai, an EOS-based token leasing marketplace, announced that they are now offering a DAPP Token leasing service. Currently, Chintai is a leasing service of EOS based resources, ranging from CPU rentals via the Automated Resource Management to leasing of EOS-based tokens such as BOID.

The DAPP Token is the native token for the DAPP Network, a web of decentralized service providers who offer cost-effective resources such as Oracles, CPU, RAM, and accounts to developers of EOSIO smart contracts and decentralized applications. By offering DAPP Token rentals on Chintai, it will be more cost-effective for developers because they do not have to own the DAPP Token (and be privy to price volatility) and focus more on the development of their products.

With Chintai already serving as a foundational platform to assist developers in affording resources at reasonable rates coupled with the DAPP Network's growing services, the decentralized financial space on EOS is becoming stronger and more attractive to outside developers, users, and investors.

In their latest memo, Chintai outlined their goal to become a white label tech for institutional finance. According to Chintai, their "B2B technology can be white labeled to help institutional finance and enterprise [to] easily leverage the advantages of blockchain technology. Similar to how a platform like Shopify offers the means for anyone to easily sell products in a custom storefront, Chintai provides compliance enabled infrastructure for financial institutions to support custom issuance, management, and trading of securitized assets on ANY blockchain."

5. China's Blockchain Service Network (BSN) launches and will support EOS Mainnet

This past week saw China's State information Center announce that they would deploy their Blockchain Service Network (BSN) for both domestic and international commercial use in the coming week and months, respectively. The white paper detailed how the BSN would partner with government agencies, state-owned entities, and blockchain firms to create a streamline platform for the creation, development, and adoption of blockchain technologies.

The BSN platform will provide developers with blockchain tools from private protocols to public chains, such as Ethereum and EOS. The platform is designed to reduce operational costs, improve flexibility, and provide better regulatory oversight. It is expected that the BSN would roll-out their support for public chains in July 2020 after they test their domestic platform.

The EOS community received the news with excitement. CEO Brendan Blumer felt that "China continues to signal intent in being a global leader in advanced technologies" with their inclusion of EOS in its National Blockchain Service Network.

6. Greymass announces 1.0.0 release of Anchor Wallet

Greymass, an organization that developments tools for EOSIO development, announced the release of Anchor, an EOSIO wallet and authenticator. Anchor "is an open source, multi-account, multi-chain, EOSIO wallet offering secure key storage and many of the tools you'll need in your day-to-day usage of these platforms. It also offers authenticator features that allow you to use Anchor to sign in and interact with compatible EOSIO applications and [decentralized applications]."

Greymass believes that Anchor had to move beyond a single product and provide foundational pieces for the EOSIO ecosystem. With this in mind, Greymass identified 5 important components: (1) Authenticators/wallets, (2) APIs/services, (3) Demos/examples, (4) SDKs/Libraries, and (5) Standards/protocols.

A welcome addition to Anchor is Greymass Fuel. Greymass Fuel is an alternative to the Resource Exchange (REX) by providing the user with a minimum of 5ms of free CPU per account, per day.

If you are interested in using or deploying the Anchor wallet for personal use or smart contract development, take a look at the Anchor Github.

7. EOSIO sisterchain Open Rights Exchange blockchain website is live

AIKON announced that the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) website is now live. The Open Rights Exchange is a "fully operational blockchain and protocol that enables people globally to control their own identities and rights (assets)...The Open Rights Exchange allows consumers to seamlessly access their blockchain accounts via a user-friendly login service called ORE ID." Many popular EOS-based decentralized applications and businesses such as Everipedia and have used the ORE ID.

If you are interested in more details and resources for developers and the larger ORE community, take a look at their newly designed website.

8. dfuse is now available for developers and MYKEY partnership

Following the announcement several weeks ago about the partnership between dfuse and, dfuse on April 17, 2020 released the open-source code for EOSIO integration.

dfuse "provides access to the historical and real-time data of EOSIO networks to hundreds of public and private deployments. This includes exchanges, trading operations, interactive games, social media platforms, supply chain solutions, and high throughput regulated environments. dfuse's depth of information, speed of delivery, and reliable APIs have enabled developers to create powerful and seamless user experiences."

In other words, dfuse allows for EOSIO developers to spin up a local blockchain in seconds. By making it easier for developers to deploy their own EOSIO blockchain, dfuse allows for a better smart contract development, horizontal scalability, and the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem. The co-founder of EOS Argentina declared that "we just launched a private EOSIO blockchain with dfuse in a day, that means full documented API, dashboard and explorer!, what a game changer!"

In addition, dfuse also announced their strategic partnership with MYKEY, a multi-chain smart wallet with the highest daily active users. The developments surrounding dfuse are positive additions to the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem and community.

9. Upcoming EOSIO Blockchain Webinar Series from and EOSIO Swiss announced this past week that they will be providing an EOSIO Blockchain Webinar Series that will be free and open to the public over the next several months geared towards developers. The three webinar series are "Learning about blockchain & EOSIO" on May 18, 2020, "Build your first smart contract on EOSIO" on June 15, 2020, and "Build a full-stack web application using EOSIO" on July 15, 2020. If you are interested, it seems that you will need to register for each webinar series. Take advantage of these developer tools in order to leverage the EOSIO software.

In about a week on April 23rd, EOSIO Swiss Workshop will also host a webinar series to help developers create smart contracts. Host Patrick Schmid will provide EOSIO webinars on B2B courses, mindmaps, and chat. EOSIO Swiss Workshop tokenized and monetized their online educational services in the form of a "NovaCrypto" token so that users and developers can attend the EOSIO Swiss Workshops and access decentralized applications on their NovaCrypto platform.

Both's and EOSIO Swiss Workshop's webinar series offer needed developer tools to create smart contracts and decentralized applications on EOS and other EOSIO-based sisterchains.

10. Implementing Efficient Dividend Tokens

A powerful and profitable aspect of the EOS blockchain is the ability to provide users with a dividend token. Full stack software engineer Christoph Michel wrote an effective guide that demonstrates a way to "distribute ownership of a product and its funds to thousands of individuals in a verifiable [and efficient] way."

Check out the effective guide because it "explains how to implement efficient dividend tokens. Instead of just showing the final result, we'll begin by exploring and gradually improving upon previous ideas. It's an important skill that I think is not taught enough."

Developers and users can find dividend tokens everywhere in the EOS ecosystem and even in other blockchain ecosystems like Tron and Ethereum. Many of the gambling, voting, leasing, and gaming decentralized applications on EOS use some form of dividend tokens to provide value for their users. Michel's guide is an important piece to making dividend tokens an efficient part of these applications.

News and Headlines Outside of EOSIO:

1. Maker Foundation receives $28 million class-action suit

2. Facebook's Libra pivots to be more like Venmo and appease regulators

3. Potential Stablecoin Ban

4. dForce hack in the Ethereum Decentralized Finance sector

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