CoolWave Capital publishes research and provides consultation in the growing industries of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOSIO.


Since the Fall of 2019, CoolWave Capital's weekly Newsletter provides insights and commentary on current trends and developments in the blockchain space with a focus on EOSIO. In the past, the weekly newsletters have also looked at lessons learned from financial history to better understand the contemporary moment of blockchain innovation and adoption. 


For businesses that are interested in implementing blockchain technologies into their operations and/or database infrastructure, CoolWave Capital's EOSIO consulting services include: private key management, cryptocurrency custody solutions, smart contract development, and resource management.

If you are in need of consulting services or have comments on Crypto Weekly Research, please reach out to us at coolwavecapital[at]gmail.com or on twitter @coolwavecapital. 

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